Behind the label

We have been committed to a sustainable development policy every day.
Our Vegan formulas contain up to 100% ingredients of natural origin. Our French production is based on local partnerships and encourages organic farming.


Where do we produce?

A laboratory in Provence
Innovation and reliability at the heart of our formulas.
Nearly 20 years of expertise through more than 200 references.

Our producers

To ensure the irreproachable quality of its products and to protect the unique agricultural heritage, we team up with local craftsmen and growers developing organic production, all the while preserving the local species which make this region so rich.

L’Oliveraie du petit St Jean - Plateau de Valensole: Organic Olive oil with the AOC Haute Provence Label

Both an essential active ingredient in cosmetics and a symbol of the wealth of the flora in Provence, olive oil naturally forms our first local partnership. Our Ecocert certified organic Olive oil produced in Valensole in Haute Provence is cultivated without pesticide or herbicide. Our Haute Provence AOP (Appellation d'Origine Protégée) Olive oil is particularly nutritious and of utmost quality.

Known for its moisturising, regenerating and softening properties, the antioxidant virtues of olive oil help to fight skin ageing.

Domaine de la Blaque - Haute-Provence : Organic Grape from Provence

Cultivated with love at the Domaine de la Blaque in Haute-Provence, our white Grape is certified organic and benefits from a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin).
Inspired by Vinotherapy, treatments based on the benefits of the vine, this wellness range features the best properties of Grapes in detox beauty rituals.

Famille Schulz - Plateau de Valensole : Sweet Almond from Provence

Our sweet Almond from Provence is grown on the Valensole plateau in the heart of the Verdon Regional Park, by the Schulz family, which has devoted itself to the production, transformation and commercialization of sweet almonds since 1984.
Coated in a soft green velvety skin, almond has been used since antiquity for its cosmetic properties. Rich in vitamins A and E, it nourishes and moisturises deep down. It soothes and reduces sensations of discomfort by helping sensitive skin to restore its harmony and its natural protection.

Organic Honey of Provence

The Nectar of Provence, a concentrate of natural active ingredients. Honey is known for its moisturising, regenerating and purifying properties. Like all sugars, honey is hydrophilic, it retains water molecules and thus helps skin to preserve its natural moisture.
Royal jelly, propolis and honey extract which enrich the Panier des Sens cares come from the Provençal organic agriculture!

Charter of formulation

Our charter of formulation reconciles Nature and Research to offer the best of the efficiency, and the sensoriality to all the skins. We aim to exceed the standards we have set ourselves, to remain ahead of changes and to guarantee a continuous progress approach.

Tested under dermatological control, the Panier des Sens beauty cares do not use petro-chemical materials which do not biodegrade well and are sensitive to health.

Our packagings

Our packaging choices are made in consideration of weight, which needs to be light, and recycling, with precedence given to natural and recycled materials. Our packaging and all of our communication media use materials certified by independent bodies, markers of the guarantee of the origin of the raw materials and manufacturing processes :

Guarantee of sustainable forest management. Cases, POS materials, boxes and catalogues.

French program for recycling household packaging.

To minimise the impact of printing on the environment through hazardous waste management, safe storage of hazardous liquids, non-use of toxic products and informing customers of environmental issues.

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