PANIER DES SENS products originate in the South of France. Inspired by natural active ingredients and Mediterranean know-how, the lines of body care, toiletries and perfumes magnify the beauty of Provence through elegant products with subtle textures and delicate scents.

This fascination for nature encourages us to improve our products and manufacturing processes with an ecological, economic and social approach to managing our resources and heritage.


We aim to propose products which are increasingly safe and natural by working with two research laboratories and complying with the strictest standards in France and Europe.

We aim to exceed the standards we have set ourselves, to remain ahead of changes and to guarantee a continuous progress approach.

Each formula is subject to dermatological tests and studies so that we can validate their tolerance.

Our eco-friendly commitments :

  • Increase concentrations of natural plant-based active ingredients which form the bases of our products.
  • Give precedence to short channels in France and Provence.

Notre charte de formulation concilie Nature et Science pour offrir le meilleur de l’efficacité, et de la sensorialité à toutes les peaux.

We guarantee that we do not use petro-chemical materials which do not biodegrade well and are insufficiently sensitive for our health :


Our products are guaranteed free from :


Provence, which is at the heart of the brand and each of our developments, abounds with exceptional raw materials. With the utmost stringency and a desire to protect our heritage, we continue to forge partnerships with regional producers.

By controlling the quality of these raw materials ourselves over the seasons and harvests, we can guarantee the excellence of PANIER DES SENS products.

Our aim is to increase the percentage of ingredients from organic farming certified by the independent label which is recognised in the field of cosmetics: Ecocert

On January 1st, 2017, the French ECOCERT label became COSMOS (COSMetic Organic Standard). This new European standard was developed by the five founding members: BDIH (Germany), Cosmebio (France), ECOCERT Greenlife SAS (France), ICEA (Italy), Soil Association (Great Britain).

The objectives are to define minimum common requirements and to harmonise the certification rules for organic and natural cosmetics. COSMOS takes up the following principles :

  • Promote use of ingredients from organic farming
  • Use production and transformation processes which respect the environment and human health
  • Integrate and develop the “green chemistry” concept.



L’Oliveraie du petit St Jean –Plateau de Valensole

Known since antiquity for its moisturising, regenerating and softening properties, the antioxidant virtues of olive oil help to fight skin ageing. A luxury alchemy, it slows down cellular ageing thanks to vitamin E, which combats the formation of free radicals.
Both an essential active ingredient in cosmetics and a symbol of the wealth of the flora in Provence, olive oil naturally forms our first local partnership. AOC olive oil from Haute-Provence is a characterful, green and fruity oil. Particularly nutritious, this oil caught our attention. It stands out due to its fragrance and its delicate taste, and it has won many prizes at the Concours Général Agricole Paris. This oil is extracted from olives which are typical to the Provence region :

  • Aglandaù (90%), in compliance with the specifications of AOC Haute-Provence
  • Bouteillans, from the Aups olive tree, with large round, black fruits
  • Cayons and Picholines for pollination


The Nectar of Provence, a concentrate of natural active ingredients. Honey is known for its moisturising, regenerating and purifying properties. A delight for all skin types, even the most delicate… Like all sugars, honey is hydrophilic, it retains water molecules and thus helps skin to preserve its natural moisture.

Royal Jelly, a precious substance and the sole food of the queen bee, contains vitamin B as well as vitamins A, C, D, E and K. It also has a concentrate of more than ten essential minerals and 18 amino acids.

Propolis, a substance rich in nutrients, is made by honeybees to protect the hive. It is rich in polyphenols and flavonoids and has antiseptic properties and strong antioxidant power.

Honey Extract is obtained from the nectar from flowers in our region. It contains sugars, amino acids, organic acids, mineral salts and vitamins.


Coated in a soft green velvety skin, almond has been used since antiquity for its cosmetic, soothing and moisturising properties. Under the Mediterranean sun, the almond tree produces one of the mildest and skin-tolerant oils inside its fruits.

Almond, which conjures up tender and sweet images, contains astonishing cosmetic properties. The heart of its stone soothes and softens the skin. Its extremely mild oil is rich in vitamins A and E and nourishes and moisturises deep down. It is often used on babies and sensitive skins love it. It soothes and reduces sensations of discomfort by helping sensitive skin to restore its harmony and its natural protection.

Almond-growing is a fascinating skill, but very sensitive in technical terms, and nearly disappeared, neglected since last century. Today, we want to promote the passion of a few producers with this new partnership.


Our packaging choices are made in consideration of weight, which needs to be light, and recycling, with precedence given to natural and recycled materials.

Our packaging and all of our communication media use materials certified by independent bodies, markers of the guarantee of the origin of the raw materials and manufacturing processes :

guarantee of sustainable forest management. Cases, POS materials, boxes and catalogues.

French programme for recycling household packaging.

To minimise the impact of printing on the environment through hazardous waste management, safe storage of hazardous liquids, non-use of toxic products and informing customers of environmental issues.

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