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Cynthia U.
I have been looking for Orange Blossom perfume for quite some time…Panier Des Sens is so wonderful. It’s fresh and light and I get many compliments when I wear this fragrance. I now have this spray eau de toilette, body wash, hand cream, and also a roll on which I carry with me so I can apply it when needed. I will be loyal to this product as long as they offer it. Cyndi - Myrtle Beach, SC
Martha M.
This is my new scent! I use it every single day. It is not overpowering- quite subtle, actually! It is not one of those typical perfume scents that you would normally encounter in the USA. This one is light, yet still has some substance to it. (Many thanks to the French woman who introduced me to it!) This Precious Jasmine Eau de Toilette is a keeper for the long run.
Kelly M.
This is a fantastic bar shampoo. It makes my fine hair feel and look stronger and it smells amazing. Highly recommend.
Cherie S.
I've tried many nail oil and cremes over the years, many pretty pricey, but this is hands down the best for quick strong growth and strength. You can literally feel in seeping into your nails and cuticles soothing and hydrating them...
Marilyn M.
Love the smell, love the smooth feel on my body.
Disa S.
I am very sensitive to fragrances. Anything with a floral scent will cause an allergic reaction. As a result, it's very hard for me to find good quality soaps that feel luxurious and do not trigger my allergies. I live in Colorado, U.S., where the climate is very dry and harsh on skin. This soap feels luxurious , does not dry my hands with washing, and leaves them smelling wonderful. Thank you for this hand soap, and I look forward to my shipment of other Soothing Almond hand products!
Judith Y.
Very rich, beautifully smelling moisturizer. It feels wonderfully silky on the skin. A great moisturizer for the harsh northern dry air and just as wonderful after summer sun exposure. I love everything about this product.
Judith Y.
Wonderful relaxing light scent!
Terri L.
I love this almond body butter! The scent is great and small amounts cover my legs with ease. The body butter keeps my legs moisturized for hours. This is a fantastic product!
Terri L.
I love this hand cream! The aroma gives the feel of strolling in a garden. It’s fresh and clean without any greasy residue. I’d appreciate a larger size. I keep it with me in my handbag which makes it easy to refresh and moisturize my hands.
James E.
We love this soap in our house - it has a fantastic smell, the texture and quality is also excellent. It doesn't dry our hands, and the scent lingers for quite a while.
James E.
My wife loves this scent and the quality of the soap. It washes well, doesn't create dry skin, and lasts quite a while.
Cynthia M.
This is a wonderful bar of sweet smelling soap...!
Cynthia M.
This is a product in constant use for myself and for gifts. The smell is so refreshing.
Julia C.
Really nice set of lotions that were perfect for mother’s day. The packaging and scents were all amazing!
Louis P.
This is a beautiful way to present a gift of some of Panier's wonderful products. An impressive first impression followed by excellent quality contents!
Louis P.
I purchased 2 of these sets as gifts and the recipients rave about the quality and attractive presentation. Wonderful aromas! Soothing to the skin.
Sandea K.
I use this every time I wash my hair.
I have curly, frizzy hair and this product helps control the frizz. It doesn't make my hair oily because it's a dry oil and you don't need much. The smell is wonderful and is great on the skin, too! This was the first product I purchased from Panier and I have been using it for years. It convinced me to try other products and I have not been disappointed.
Sandea K.
I'm a fan of all these products, and my favorite is the serum oil.
I have very dry sensitive skin so sometimes the makeup remover is a little drying, but I still wouldn't hesitate to recommend it for anyone else. The cream is very well worth it, but again, for me, I have to keep it away from my eye area because of sensitivities, however I really do love it and recommend it.
Sandea K.
I wanted a soap that was easy on the skin and the environment.
I have sensitive, dry skin and this soap is just what I needed.
The smell is delightful and the soap is luxurious, not harsh on your skin.
Minimal paper packaging is better for the environment.
Andrea N.
Makes the whole bathroom smell lovely.
Andrea N.
I was using the original Sea Fennel soap for years. While the new version - Sea Samphire is nice, I prefer the original scent and wish they would bring it back.
Andrea N.
Lovely lemony scent! I love these French soaps.
Deborah S.
I began using the Shea Butter soap years ago when I worked at a small boutique that sold the product. Immediately my skin lost the flakiness caused by the off-the-shelf deodorant bar soap that was my staple for years. And this fragrance is one that convinced my husband to start using. It is refreshing without the flowery scents of so many soaps. And the itchiness he had been experiencing went away.

Plus it is ecological. No plastic bottles. Paper wrapping.

I encourage folks to give the Sea Mist Shea Butter soap a try. You won’t be disappointed.

And I encourage Panier des Sens to make a travel-size bar for ease of packing. Please.
Erin W.
This soap is one I’ll buy as long as it is made. It has a true jasmine scent, no trace of gardenia or another floral that I can tell. This incredible soap leaves the skin very delicately scented after using, nothing cloying or overpowering. The packaging is also very beautiful.
Erin W.
I bought several of the hand creams that I gave as holiday gifts, but the grape is the one I saved for myself. Its scent is delicious and very French (to me) as I don’t encounter this scent in other brands. The cream is beautifully moisturizing while absorbing into the skin well so that my hands aren’t greasy forever. This cream has returned beauty to my hands. My skin looks and feels amazing. The packaging itself is beautiful to look at, and a tiny amount of the cream goes a very long way.
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Carlee S.
I really love this lip balm. It's thick and solid but not in a waxy way. It is not glossy when you apply, and I love having that option. Because it's not very glossy/slippery, it has helped me to not rub my lips together as much, which I've been trying to kick that habit. I love using it overnight because it doesn't smear all over my face while I sleep. When it is fully absorbed, it doesn't leave a bunch of dead skin behind that you're tempted to nibble off. It smells like almond and not much else, which tells me it's really nourishing and hydrating with no extra crap in that would negate those positive effects. This is def a keeper that I will buy again and again. And well priced too.
Davis A.
I first discovered this in Marseille, France. The fragrance is pure delicate Lavender, it does not have any other alcohol or processed feel or smell. It's light and you feel such a stress relief as you close your eyes you can't help feel transported to a Lavender field. I am completely enamored by this fragrance.
Pamela F.
Fabulous product! I put it all over my unpolished nails as well as cuticles. My split and flaking nails are beautiful now.
I love the scent, however, the plastic plug in the bottle is very hard to open without plyers. The you need to set it somewhere and it is oily and very fragrant. Then when done using the diffuser it has to be put back on and it is messy and the scent gets everywhere. It is discouraging me from using it and I bought an extra bottle of scent for refilling the diffuser bottle.
Gwen I.
A little goes a long way! Luxurious lather leaves the hands feeling so clean. The scent is neutral.
I would buy again but in a more pleasing (to me) scent.
Ellen B.
This hand cream is so soothing and so softening and has a lovely light fragrance. I need to buy more to have in different rooms!
Karuna C.
The consistency is so fine a little dab goes a long way. My skin LOVES this cream. It becomes soft and pliable and happy immediately with use. It is also very good for cuticle softening. The scent is wonderful.
Kristine B.
Excellent, lovely fragrance too.
Kristine B.
Great results, nice to give as a gift as well.
Kristine B.
Great results.
Kristine B.
Excellent on sensitive skin, wonderful fragrance, very moisturizing.
Kristine B.
Very moisturizing, gentle. Great for all ages in the family. Fragrance is subtle and refreshing.
Kristine B.
Love this product! Don’t want to ever run out.
Lynne G.
This item is really lovely. I like that is so gentle on my skin, especially around the eyes. And I love the scent!
Lynne G.
This item is really lovely. I like that is so gentle on my skin, especially around the eyes. And I love the scent!
Prosy D.
I have sensitive skin and usually allergic to soaps, unless those I am habitually using. Lo and behold, this shower oil leaves my skin feeling smooth for hours and fragrance is amazingly refreshing. Thank you for this excellent product in a tube.
Donna L.
Love this body butter. It is super rich and creamy with a light scent.
Donna L.
The first time I bought this scent I was in Provence and absolutely loved the store and this product. It is very feminine and light. Great for the summer and each time I wear it it reminds me of my wonderful holiday in France
Lynn G.
As an RN, I am always on the hunt for excellent hand soap. Liquid Marseille Soap is the best I have ever found. I am especially fond of the Orange Blossom scent but any scent from Panier Des Sens is excellent. The scents are not overwhelming. They are all moisturizing without being greasy. My hands are not drying out with the frequent handwashing required in the pandemic or in my profession. This wonderful hand soap makes an excellent gift also!
Lynn G.
As an RN, I am always on the hunt for excellent hand cream This is the best hand cream I have ever found. I am particularly fond of the Orange Blossom scent but every scent I have tried from Panier Des Sens has been fantastic. None of the scents are overwhelming, which is important to me and my patients. They are all moisturizing without being greasy. No one could be disappointed in a purchase of this hand cream. It makes a wonderful gift too!
Kathleen S.
Between the dry winter air and the air conditioning in the summer my skin started feeling and looking dry.This is such a wonderful moisturizer. I would like to cover my body with it. It's simply heavenly.
Thank you to the creators of such a wonderful product. And I think the price is very reasonable!
J S.
The scent of orange blossom is what I associate with the traditional allure of France and Panier des Sens captures this fragrance the best. I am so pleased to be able to purchase this in the US.
Ellen B.
The fragrance is light and refreshing and so pleasing.
Evangeline H.
I purchased this liquid soap on a whim after my husband broke out with server allergic reaction to a hand wash from a drugstore brand. He uses a brand that is no longer in business now so we had to try something new but it was an epic fail. So I had to look for something that is made from the most natural ingredients as I feared the chemicals in most hand washes were the ones causing him the allergic reaction he had. I purchased the bar soaps before but have never tried the liquid soaps. The first time he used this he was in AWE - he said it smells so good that he wants to keep washing his hands :) It also feels very gentle and leaves his hands smelling fresh and soft. I had to but more today actually to make sure I don't run out of stash. I wish this is a bit cheaper but the quality and the fact that it didn't cause my hubby allergic reaction even out the cost. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!
madison R.
I stumbled across this store when I was in France and got this as a sample. It worked so unbelievably well, which was surprising because I have a history of psoriasis and very dry/sensitive skin. It reduces acne/redness and just hydrated my skin so well. I love this product more than anything else I’ve tried. Also, smells soooo good.
Kathleen J.
Smell left on the skin is light and soft, true jasmine fragrance is so hard to find, I’ll be a customer for life! Soap is beautiful. Bottle is adorable.
Kathleen J.
Jasmine has been my scent forever... it’s so hard to find products with true jasmine scent and goo ingredients. This product line exceeds all expectations. A perfect sensual true jasmine product!
Nathalie A.
I LOVE this body butter! The Fragrance is wonderful! Definitively recommend this item.
Jordan W.
This hand cream is so smooth and effective with moisturizing my hands; it absorbs quickly, it has a perfect consistency, not too thick or too watery, and not greasy. It feels incredible. Not only that, it smells like heaven. It has the smell of a real, fresh-cut rose. It is truly the best hand cream I have ever used.

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