Marseille soap, a treasure designed in France and made in France


The real Marseille soap, the one that smells like the beautiful Provence, the one that reminds us of lavender fields, Marcel Pagnol's movies and “petanque” parties, made from three simple and natural ingredients: olive oil, water, and caustic soda, it is a real natural soap and biodegradable. Today, some manufacturers add aromas of lavender, orange blossom, verbena, lemongrass, eucalyptus, peppermint, patchouli, almond, or jasmine essence and make it the most precious body wash. 

 Indeed, to be precise, the authentic Marseille soap that is also an antibacterial must contain 72% of olive oil, not other vegetable oils and without additive. That is the reason why it enters into the category of oil soap: this is what the edict of the minister Jean Baptiste Colbert on behalf of Louis XIV stipulates.

A little of the history of this natural soap

The Marseille soap with or without aroma from Provence is a product that we use every day as body care, hand soap or even dish soap- some more than others, of course - but which, in another time, was a luxury product accessible to very few people, and whose origin goes back to three thousand years ago, in Mesopotamia, or at least that is what is told... In the past, it was of course a handmade soap, today it is made by a modern machine.

Marseille soap was so important in the court of Versailles that three of the Marseille soap makers of the 17th century were guillotined simply because their soap irritated the skin of King Louis XIV. Its importance comes from the fact that personal hygiene at that time, without antibiotics, reduced the spread of diseases because it was also antibacterial, as Louis Pasteur later demonstrated. 

If Marseille soap, as the result of the export of the ancient tradition of Aleppo, was also produced in the rest of the world, it was Louis XIV who had the intuition to make it a brand, to monopolize it, and to establish the quantity of olive oil of Provence necessary to determine its quality and originality and denominated it as a brand Designed in Provence and Made in France.

Marseille soap, uses, and benefits

Even today, real Marseille soap, but not just any Marseille soap, must be designed in France, made in France, and more specifically designed and made in Provence. It is appreciated for its incredible qualities and its delicacy, especially if it is used for personal hygiene for example likes a deodorant or for nice bath soap. Among its qualities, you can find the following:

  • Natural antiseptic (prevents the appearance of infections caused by germs).
  • Repellent against parasites.
  • Gentle on the skin, perfect for sensitive skin and areas.
  • Hypoallergenic and therefore suitable for children, for those suffering from acne, for those with oily or combination skin.
  • Eliminates odors.
  • Can be used as shampoo, toothpaste, or shaving foam.
  • It is an effective detergent, does not foam, and has a very low environmental impact.
  • It is perfect as a base to create detergents suitable for household cleaning, laundry, or personal care products.
  • Antibacterial, body care, and organic

How to recognize real Marseille soap?

The only way is to look carefully at what the labels say (mandatory since October 2005, they must detail the ingredients in percentage by weight).

Only these ingredients must appear on the label of the basic Marseille soap: Virgin olive oil and caustic soda sometimes you can find it with a touch of coconut oil.

Marseille soap can also contain other elements such as essential oils of orange blossom, Verbena, Rose, Jasmine, bergamot, musk, or lavender, which enrich and personalize the basic composition to modify the final color of the soap or its fragrance. The new product can also contain tea trees, citrus and you can find them in liquid soap or hand bar.

Moreover, above all, the packaging must include the following information: Made in France and Designed in France and sometimes even Made in Provence

The Marseille liquid soap

Today, you will find this man-made treasure in its liquid form and of course made in France in the beautiful area of Provence.

This natural treasure, made in Provence, is the "all in one" solution; many people say that it is ideal for your skin, that it is the best soap for hands, for washing delicate clothes... It is 100% natural and with an aromatic touch of the best Lavender essence from the fields of Provence.

Discover this natural soap perfect for even a facial soap, a product made in France, and more particularly in Provence, to which an essence scented with rose, lavender, orange blossom, verbena, or jasmine can be added. This liquid Marseille soap will transport you for a moment to the fantastic and beautiful Provence, with its incredible fields of lavender that merge with the sky and the sun of Provence.  

Do not forget that the authentic Marseille liquid soap must be made with olive oil extracted from the saponification of organic olive oil, first cold-pressed, rich in vitamins to prevent skin dehydration. Vegetable glycerin acts as a natural softener that keeps the skin moisturized, soft and supple to the touch and to which is often added Lavender essential oil, a great dermal regenerator as well as a great skin soother. The new liquid soaps act nearly as a moment of aromatherapy. Some even are more close to lotion or cosmetic products. 

You will also find butter skin or candles with the perfume of Marseille soap. A very important thing, it must be designed in France, made in France and of course made in Provence.

Marseille liquid soap enriched with lavender, orange blossom, verbena, or jasmine essence

The Marseille liquid soap dresses up and is perfumed with Provence nuances. You will discover one by one the scents of the Midi, the perfumes of Provence, the aromas of summer nights with the cicadas singing their happiness while the fragrant essence of lavender, orange blossom, verbena, calendula, chamomile or jasmine or herbal or aloe embalms the air.

The lavender

The classic, the unavoidable, the bright blue flower of the lavender of Provence with the intense perfume and which transports you to the doors of Aix-en-Provence in the region of Provence, memories of summer vacations surrounding with lavender, verbena, or jasmine fields, of the first love, of the first kiss under a tree smelling the orange blossom, forget for a moment the present for some memories of youth... Have a break, discover the relaxing lavender of the Marseille liquid soap and start dreaming.


The verbena

A ray of sun that only the liquid soap of Marseille with verbena scent can give you, for that special moment, to enjoy the perfume of the delicate and fine flowers of the verbena, submerge yourself in a bath of foam and close your eyes, and think you are lying in a field of verbena in the Provence, absorbing the energy of the sun. The Marseille liquid soap enhanced with the delicate scent of verbena from Provence gives you the gift of chic and luxury made in France, with this precious jewel of energizing verbena


The jasmine

The jasmine is the most intense perfume of the Provence, the most oriental of all, mix this jasmine perfume with liquid Marseille soap or gels for a shower, and go in search of the thousand and one nights of Provence, elegance, sensuality, only happiness And for more happiness, discover our Precious Jasmine liquid soap.


The orange Blossom

Spring has arrived in Provence, the pretty season as the song said, and with it, the magical and sweet scent of orange blossoms, so many memories. Grandma's cakes, grandpa's liqueurs, oranges blossoms from Provence that are now companion with liquid Marseille soap, not yet tried? Do not wait any longer to try the wonderful Marseille soap perfumed with orange blossoms and start enjoying the little pleasures of life.


Life is beautiful when products like this Marseille liquid soap made in France and Designed in Provence not only take care of your skin but also transport you for a moment to a dream world and better if it is in the stunning Provence with its lavender fields.

The soap recipe is very easy and that why you can find it like a bar of soap, hand soap, shampoo, body soap, and with or without essential oils and it is a soap for all skin types.

It is possible to find nowadays, Marseille soap with goat milk added for a better nourishing product.