Liquid Marseille Soap 750ml - Orange Blossom

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Liquid Marseille Soap 750ml - Orange Blossom

The Best Hand Cream Ever

As an RN, I am always on the hunt for excellent hand soap. Liquid Marseille Soap is the best I have ever found. I am especially fond of the Orange Blossom scent but any scent from Panier Des Sens is excellent. The scents are not overwhelming. They are all moisturizing without being greasy. My hands are not drying out with the frequent handwashing required in the pandemic or in my profession. This wonderful hand soap makes an excellent gift also!
Liquid Marseille Soap 750ml - Orange Blossom

The Romance of France

The scent of orange blossom is what I associate with the traditional allure of France and Panier des Sens captures this fragrance the best. I am so pleased to be able to purchase this in the US.

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